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  Introduction to the Course

Hi guys! Thanks for signing up for the Ortho Jump Start program. I’m very excited to bring you all the modules that we have put together to help you guys shine during your ortho rotations. It was not too long ago that I was in your shoes and know that in applying for such a competitive specialty there is immense pressure to perform while on service. With that immense pressure has traditionally been an ironic lack of guidance. Here at White Coat Coaching we hope to fix some of that disconnect. For those of you who haven’t been there yet, be sure to visit the website at for more resources and discussions on everything you need to best represent yourself as a complete applicant.

The Ortho Jump Start course is designed as a supplement to the website to address the orthopedic knowledge expected of students. Orthopedic knowledge is only a small part of what your evaluators will look at but having a solid foundation can help you showcase what makes you unique. Our goal with the Ortho Jump Start program is not to create another test prep course but rather to teach the high yield basics that will set you up to better understand the reading and lectures you will do on rotations, integrate effectively into busy ortho rotations, and ask educated questions in the OR and clinic.

The modules in the course are case studies designed to correspond with scenarios that you are likely to come across on your rotations. They walk you through clinical presentation, evaluation, treatment algorithms, and touch on the treatment techniques. The quizzes for each module are meant to represent questions that you are likely to be asked by residents and attendings. Think of the quizzes as a bank of pimp questions and not so much an evaluation of how well you did on a particular module. Don’t be worried if some of the questions seem like they come out of left field. If the answer doesn't make sense, use it as a jumping off point to investigate via textbooks or ask a friendly resident. Of course, don't forget our other resources. Follow us on Instagram for weekly examples of XR reading and sign up for the mailing list so you don't miss any of our blog posts.

Questions are the result of an engaged mind and it means that we’ve done our jobs! What do you do if you have questions? Don’t ignore them or worry that they will make you look stupid. Start looking for answers! Find the answers by asking us. Ask your residents and attendings. Don't forget to return to the often forgotten textbooks and journal review articles. On that note, let’s get started on our modules.